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RACHELE RESTIVO is an Italian television personality, executive producer, author, entertainment journalist and TV anchor.  She is a very popular face of channel Italia 1 of Mediaset Group, the largest TV broadcaster in Italy, since 2009.

Rachele is a force both on-camera and off. She is currently the co-star of MISTERO the hugely popular long running hit documentary TV show, which explores the deepest mysteries of human existence. MISTERO brings together the brightest minds and the best ideas from the cutting edge of science to expose the extraordinary truth of our Universe.

In 2009 Rachele began he show and has been the lead character of the show for ten consecutive series, eighty episodes and sixteen special editions.

During the 2016 season, MISTERO ADVENTURE, Rachele created and wrote the magazine style show called MYSTERY POP STARS telling the lives of international Music stars. She made journalistic insights in which she narrated the intrigues, the curiosities, the fascinating stories of popular singers such as: Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Tupac and Miley Cyrus.

In 2014, during the 8th season, she created and hosted FATAL ATTRACTIONS a segment that uncovered the mysteries surrounding the greatest love stories of Cinema and History. Rachele kept the audience intrigued by revealing the  mysteries that wrap the love stories of great cinematic and jet-setting couples like Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt, Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton, Jacqueline-John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ava Garder-Frank Sinatra, Sofia Loren-Carlo Ponti,  Princess Diana-Carlo d’Inghilterra, Beyoncè Knowls and Jay-Z, Courtney Love-Kurt Cobain, Yoko Ono-John Lennon, Nicole Kidman-Tom Cruise.

Rachele narrates the stories of dozen of successful entertainment stars for her show. In 2013, during the seventh season, she created and hosted HOLLYWOOD MYSTERIES. With her alluring style she tells the mysterious stories behind the death of many Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly, Elvis Presley, John Belushi, Brandon Lee, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

During the 6th season Rachele focused her reportage on US issues as a New York City based journalist reporting stories back to Italy.

For the first five seasons of MISTERO Rachele cast off the robes of journalist to play the role of the “Oracle”, a fairy character, intriguing and sensuous figure that recited famous quotes, role that became a “cult” and made MISTERO a top rated show.

Rachele has a particular allure and shines on the camera. Her eye and voice give depth and rhythm to interesting and compelling fascinating stories.

As TV creator Rachele wrote, produced and anchored solo a show she called PASSION, which became another top rated show on channel Italia 1. Rachele is the managing editor of this dynamic talk show which features female guests who are interviewed about the challenges of relationships in modern society. Rachele gave voice to women's emotions in which  “Passion” is the protagonist.

In 2005 Rachele joined channel La7 News as a news correspondent. In two years there she created hundreds of reports. In addition to her responsibilities at La7 News, she wrote, produced and hosted “Estati Italiane” a popular segment of OMNIBUS, a morning show on Channel La7, interviewing many leading characters of entertainment industry and Italian culture.

Rachele received a doctoral degree in Public Relations from Communication Sciences University IULM of Milan. Rachele is a talented, dedicated and accomplished professional with strong artistic skills. Rachele is also an accomplished musician, holding a degree in violin and voice from the Music Conservatory of Udine. She trained in classical ballet with the Piccolo Teatro Città di Udine. Tango is one of her passions.

Rachele has lived in Milan, New York and Los Angeles. Now she lives in Roma, the city of her heart… The eternal city whose name spelled backwards is AMOR and means LOVE!