“ Non sono social ma esisto ”

RACHELE RESTIVO is an Italian TV producer, writer and showrunner. She won the 2020 Italian Moige Award for the “Best Television Show of the Year”.

From 2007 to the present Rachele has worked as a content creator for Mediaset, the leading private media company in Italy. Rachele has also worked as a TV anchorwoman, featured on channels Italia1 and Rete4. While being a talented and accomplished professional writer, she also has a particular allure that shines on camera. Rachele’s productions blend images, music, words and rhythm into a narrative style which is recognizable to her audience. This, combined with her voice and gaze, captivates the viewers and takes them on a journey deep into the essence of an intriguing story.

She is the creator, showrunner and host of the Italian documentary TV show PENSA IN GRANDE (2019-2023) on Rete4. This series tells the stories of successful Italian entrepreneurs and their brands. It showcases the lives of those who symbolize what is known worldwide as “Made in Italy”. PENSA IN GRANDE inspires the visionary in all of us and puts the viewer on a path towards making their own dreams a reality.

Rachele is the executive producer, writer and host of the immensely successful, top-rated TV show MISTERO, a hugely popular long running documentary series which ran for ten seasons (2009-2016) on Italia1, spanning eighty-five episodes and sixteen special editions. MISTERO explores the lives of international movie stars, celebrities and pop stars such as Madonna and Lady Gaga. The show also delves into some of the most controversial love stories of the best known couples of their era like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Jacqueline and JFK and Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. MISTERO also revisits the mysterious deaths of many Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

As part of the MISTERO series, Rachele worked as a newscast reporter live from New York providing a deep look into the American culture for her Italian audiences. While living in NY, Rachele collaborated as writer and creative producer for the music mogul and founder of the leading R&B label Uptown Records, Andre Harrell, on the project “Champagne & Bubbles”. She interviewed many music stars including Mariah Carey, Jay Z, Beyoncè, Mary J.Blige and John Legend.

Rachele is also creator, showrunner and host of PASSION (2010), a dynamic talk show on Italia1 which features female guests who open up about the challenges of relationships in modern society. The show gives voice to women’s emotions in which “passion” is the protagonist.

In 2005, Rachele joined Italian channel LA7 News, as an anchorwoman. In her two years as journalist, she reported on hundreds of stories. In addition to her responsibilities at LA7 News, She wrote, produced and anchored the summer season of OMNIBUS, the popular morning show on channel LA7, interviewing leading figures in Italian culture and entertainment.

In 2002 Rachele began her career in entertainment, working for channel Rai Sat Cinema (later Rai Movie), the official TV channel of the Venice International Film Festival. The same year she hosted the 2002 Edition of the Literary Award "Ernest Hemingway".

Rachele received a doctoral degree in Public Relations from Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM of Milano (2001). She is also a musician, holding a degree in violin and voice from music conservatory. She has lived in Milano, New York and Los Angeles and now resides in Roma, the city of her heart.